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Everyday Cooking Hacks

May 30, 2018 • everyday

Are you after the best cooking hacks that will make your kitchen time more easier? Are you a newbie who don’t know how to prepare food? Worry anymore! This article will expose the most genius hacks that will make cooking for beginners to be so much easier These are discussed as follows:

1. Cooking Grilled Cheese
Do you know that you can cook a sandwich of grilled cheese without span? Just prepare the grilled cheese normally and then wrap it up using a tinfoil. Take a very hot clothing iron and place it on top of this wrapped-up sandwich. Keep applying pressure on every side for a period of 5 minutes and your sandwich is ready!


2. Preparing Omelette
Scramble your egg and put it in a reusable bag. Also, add any of your favorite toppings in this reusable bag and close it The next step is placing it into the boiling water and leave it there for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, that is all! Your Omelette is ready!


3. Cutting Cherry Tomatoes

It is true that cutting cherry tomatoes individually is a time-consuming task. The best method is to sandwich the cherry tomatoes in the middle of two lids and use a knife to slice the available space between the top lid and the bottom lid. This is the easiest way of cutting multiple cherry tomatoes simultaneously. Through it is easy to prepare foods using cherry tomatoes within the shortest time possible.


4. Heating Milk
If you are a beginner, you will always find it hard to heat milk due to spillage issues. To avoid this, maintain the boiling milk at low heat and always place a spoon on the top side of the vessel. The spoon acts a substantial role in preventing milk from spilling.



5. Peeling Tomatoes
As a beginner, you will always like to peel potatoes for your dishes. This is a time-consuming process and you will not like it The best option is cutting these potatoes into two and then boil them. You will realize that after boiling it is easier to peel off the skin of potatoes.



6. Always Keep Your Cake Fresh Using a Piece of Bread
You can keep the cake fresh by covering the exposed sides using a piece of bread. This piece of bread keeps the cake free from evaporation leaving it fresh by retaining its moisture.



7. Making Soft Rotis

You will always realize that as a beginner your cakes are not soft when compared to those from the restaurants. The secret is kneading the dough using some amount of milk. This is the only way by which your Rotis are going to stay soft for a long period of time.


8. Making Your Stale Bread Fresh and Crunchy
Do you have a loaf of bread and it is getting stale? No need to go for a new one You only need to run this bread through some amount of water and place it in an oven for less than 10 minutes and its ready for consumption. This is the best way of using convection cooking definition to turn your stale bread into a fresh and crunchy one.

Hope now you know some of the best cooking hacks to start enjoying your favorite meals? With this hacks, it is now easy to prepare foods than before. Hesitate no more! Put them into practice!

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