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Positive Outlook of a billiard player

November 10, 2017 • everyday

The billiard game is not common compared to other games like football and table tennis. The fact that you have to play by picking the right cuestick on top of a pool Table( may not be very enticing for most people.

The main reason for poor uptake of the billiard game is the fact that it is a game associated with people who frequently attend bars- after all, that is where the game is played anyway. Some people from strict religious background may not find it fun because it violates their religious virtues

However, there are many things that you can admire from a billiard player. They include


This is a rare game even in the social places where you expect it to be. Billiard players have a form of networking group which escalates to business relationships. The fact that they have something in common- billiard game; they also wish to maintain the relationship outside the pool table. Most of the networks and connections come from informal meetings especially in social places like around the billiard pool table.

They look young

The players do not just sit in the social place; they interchange between enjoying their favorite booze and playing the game. This helps them to build their muscles and have replenished energy which further helps in reducing the aging process.

They are focused individuals

You will not play a billiard game when you have a poor concentration. If it is a paid game, you will always be on the losing side all the time. You will not like to be the only player who loses money. With time, you will have to improve your focus on the ball as well as learn the rules of the game. This is a character trait that you emulate in your daily life hence making people to just admire billiard players. They are people who take time to make decisions, but when they do it is always the best.

Possess sharp mental skills

This is a game which you involve the brain. A billiard player is a sharp person with excellent cognitive skills. It is not easy to find a billiard player who is thick upstairs. The mental mathematical calculations for you to hit the ball and make it land in a place where you get a win needs a sharp mental focus.

They are healthy

This is a workout activity. It looks a passive game but a critical look; it is the same as walking a long distance. Remember you have to move several times around the pool table while trying to make sure you hit the ball. It may not be physically intensive but it is an anaerobic exercise which helps to maintain a healthy weight and further have a quality life- an admirable virtue.

There are positive character traits that you can admire and emulate in a billiard player. It is this which helps to market the game to other people who may have no interest in the billiard game.

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